How Google Mobile AdWords can help your business

Mobile has changed the way consumers shop, dine, and live their lives. With Mobile AdWords, business owners can connect with potential customers through ads based on context, such as their physical location, time of day, interests, shopping habits, app activities and more.

We can use strategies to help drive foot traffic into stores or online, as well as app marketing across search and display results, YouTube, and more. We can also structure a website and/or app to deliver increased conversions.

Say you own a gas station and someone pulls in to pump gas. It’s the middle of the afternoon, and that person is in the middle of a long drive. They might have had a difficult time making it those last few miles before stopping. They are feeling a little droopy.

So, they get of their vehicle, swipe their credit card, and start pumping. They’re filling up, so they know they will have a minute to stand around. The person pulls a phone out of their pocket and sees a notification, announcing “$1.00 coffee all day!” from the same gas station where they are pumping gas! With that little bit of encouragement now, that road-weary drives finishes pumping, and comes in the store to get coffee. They also decide to get a mid-afternoon snack and a sandwich for later. All because you had an effective AdWords campaign to draw them in.

Another example: a restaurant owner with a location near a civic center wants to drive foot traffic in during a big salesman’s convention. They know from experience that they usually take a break from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. With many people from out of town, you know they will be searching for spots near the civic center to grab a bite to eat.

With Google AdWords, we can target ads at specific times, in specific areas, to specific people. A properly executed campaign can give salespeople what they want when they are searching for it.

These are just two examples of the many ways Google AdWords can help you.  We are Google AdWords and Google Mobile AdWords certified. We have also received training from Facebook on running targeted, successful campaigns through that social media platform. Have a website that doesn’t get traffic from web searches? We can also manage your search engine optimization (SEO for short).

If you are interested in learning more, or setting up a campaign, drop us a note here or call us at 980-622-3179.

Three Types of Facebook Posts to get maximum reach for your small business

Almost three years ago when I started Progressive Social Media, the power of a Facebook Page for small businesses was enormous. You could put out a post, and if you had 1,000 “Likes” on your page, you could rest easy knowing that your message would reach almost every one of those followers who logged onto to FB within the next 24 hours.

Fast forward to 2016, and the landscape for getting an effective reach on Facebook is a dramatically different story.

That same post that reached, say, 800 fans three years ago might yield a tenth of that total. If you’re lucky.


Facebook changed their display algorithm to make to where administrators of Pages had to “pay to play.”

Through Facebook ads, the social media giant encourages businesses to Boost Posts, Promote Your Page, or use one of several other advertising goals. Some forms of advertising with Facebook is relatively inexpensive (as little as $1 per day).

But what if you don’t have the money to spend on Facebook? The answer is to have content that followers interact with, whether that be through comments, likes, or shares. If they see that people are interacting with your Facebook page, they will know that users find you interesting.

If FB thinks your interesting, they are more likely to display your future posts in someone’s timeline who may not normally see them.

Also, when someone likes, comments, and especially, shares your post, that boosts your organic reach.

Here are three posts you can do this week to increase your Facebook Reach. There are many more, but lets start with these:

1. A Funny or Inspirational Picture

You want to catch someone’s attention who is lazily scrolling through their timeline? Post an eye-catching image. Users are much more likely to stop and read a quick message on a photo than they are a block of text describing your latest product or service.

With this client, the reach for a typical post is about a third of what this one reached.

Next time, try a picture!

2. A Short Video

Do you really want to get some bang for your buck? Try a short video.

One client of mine has a fascinating business. People up and down the coast from Georgia to Virginia Beach and all points in between know him as The Plant Man.

What he does is travel along the Atlantic Seaboard, starting in Georgia in the early spring and finishing up around Virginia Beach later in the year, delivering beautiful tropical plants to people at businesses.

One tool I use for him that I have found exremely effective is that of a Video Ad. All we do is string together six or seven photos of the plants he will be offering in a given month and post and Facebook has a tool that puts them in a short video. The response and reach and efficacy of these get more Likes and views than most of my other clients.

3. Go Behind-The-Scenes

Sometimes, people like to see what you do at your place of business. If you have fun, that shows to patrons and to those on Facebook.

Next time something interesting happens at work, snap a quick picture and post it.

These are just a few ways to boost your Facebook reach while spending little to no money. I will explore more avenues in a future article.

What other ideas do you use for Facebook content that drives reach? Leave your suggestion in the comments below, and I may use it (and give you credit) in a future article.

Social Media Trends we’re watching in 2016

In 2016, the pace of social media change will accelerate even more. The good news for businesses is that major social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are figuring out ways to make it even more simple and productive for companies to engage with customers—and employees. Meanwhile, more and more tools are emerging that make it easier to track the impact of social media business use, whether for marketing, customer support or HR.

So what exactly is in store for 2016? Here are 5 key social media trends for 2016 that businesses should be looking at via Hootsuite:

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Progressive Internet Trends: Two changes in web searches and social media you should be aware of this week

Here are a few changing trends I have seen across the internet this week.

Mobile Friendly Site to Rank Higher in Google Searches

As more and more people use their phones and tablets to browse the internet and abandon their desktops and laptops, Google wants to make the sites the show up in the top of their searches more mobile-friendly. That means, if when people load your website on their mobile device and they have to zoom in to see the text, you will be penalized. The websites we build are all Responsive, meaning they automatically adjust themselves for the best viewing and navigation on any screen.

Now, when people do a Google search, they will add a “mobile friendly” label to the search results, informing the user that they can click the link and be assured they won’t have any trouble viewing your site.

Twitter now lets you view stats from your tweets in real time

Screenshot_2015-03-20-13-00-13For years, when a person wants to track their Twitter analytics, they can get reports via a Twitter dashboard that most people don’t know where to find or how to access, or another service such as Hootsuite.

I noticed this week, that a gray bar graph icon appears under your tweets (but not other people’s), that when you click on it, a box appears telling you how many people have seen the tweet, responses, favorites and clicks on the link or picture associated with the tweet.

This could be very useful in determining what types of tweets work and penetrate furthest.

6 Simple Tips to Double Your Email List Using Facebook.

Meet Kyle Ducharme, one of the co-founders of Kao Jai Coffee. Kao Jai began in December, 2013 as a single-origin coffee manufacturer. Their first batch of roasted coffee arrived in June and Kyle was looking for a way to get fans excited about their first batch of roasted coffee beans.

Kyle had begun to get Facebook likes for his brand but was frustrated with his ability to get Facebook fans to convert into email leads.

via 6 Simple Tips to Double Your Email List Using Facebook..

Facebook Frustrations?


Are you a small business owner who knows they need Facebook and other Social Media Outlets to promote your business and create brand recognition, but finds figuring out how and when to use them a huge frustration?

That’s where we come in!

We work with you to create a marketing plan that will effectively — and affordably — Progress your business.

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Are you prepared for the new era of SEO?

In the old days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short), Google and other search engines based how often pages showed up in searches base upon keywords on your pages and inbound links from other sites and frequency of changes made to pages or blog posts.
With the explosion of social media, Google changed their search algorithms to include how people interact with websites through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.). They found that people’s browsing habits have changed considerably over time. Instead of going to Google or Yahoo! Start their browsing, they spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and click on links found there to move elsewhere on the net then they share what they find with their friends and followers.
Is your website optimized for this shift in consumer’s internet browsing habits?
Does your business utilize social media accounts? Are the details about your business on Yelp!, Foursquare, Google, Yahoo, etc. correct? Do you know how to get those details corrected if not? Do you have the time to go through them all?
Then, when the groundwork has been laid, we would work together with you to develop a marketing strategy which would build a potential customer base using existing clients and those people in which we attract to your various social media profiles. Then, as we progress through the times and seasons, we adjust the strategy to keep people’s attention and continue to turn these followers into customers.
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